Hand Drawn Fan Art

As I mentioned, my drawing tablet has gone to a better life and I’ve been drawing everything by hand. This includes my fan art, which is a real challenge for me because my style as an illustrator ignored everything about anatomy, proportions and lighting etc. I like my personal style flat and of “charming” proportions; Fan Art however, is pushing me to become better at everything I’ve been ignoring for the past 20 years. Fun! No, seriously, this is actually really challenging and fun and I can’t wait to draw up some more!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

P. Val




I missed doing patterns I thought I’d make one of my favorite fruit, strawberries! Yum yum!

I wish I had a summer dress with this pattern! Perhaps it’s time to put my patterns to good use and make stuff with then. Any ideas on how to go about doing that?

Hope you’re all enjoying this lovely Friday, everyone 🙂



It’s a hard knock life for us artists…


Sometimes it really sucks being an artist. People have been reposting my art on social media without giving me proper credit. I can’t tell you how much this hurts and breaks my heart, guys.

I don’t mind people posting my art, especially because you’re not making money off of it, but please, please, please let me know. Give proper credit where it’s due, always give the artists name and a link to their artist page. 

I can’t tell you how much it sucks to post my art and get 20 likes at most, then see these pages post my art and get thousands of likes and comments on something I worked my ass off to make. It really fucking breaks my heart. Don’t do this to any artist you appreciate. It makes us want to quit making art.


Oh Mickey


Ian & Mickey

Finished catching up on Season 7 of Shameless, damn good show BTW. I absolutely adore these two together, not the healthiest of relationships, but I can’t help it guys! They’re so pure… *sigh* Mickeys, they break your heart don’t they?

Anyway I had to stop my doodle challenge due to my drawing tablet breaking down. So all my doodles will have to be hand made now. Sweeeet.

But hey my birthday is coming up, anyone want to just give me a super awesome cintiq 2 tablet? No? Just thought I’d ask haha

Happy Friday y’all!


Style Meme


For fun, I did the Style Meme on Tumblr. It’s a simple exercise were you pick famous illustration styles, as well as your own and you draw the same character in all the different ways to compare. On an interesting note, even though I was trying to emulate all these styles they still look like my own. You can still see my hand in all these, and that’s pretty cool, I think. We all have our own creative voice and I’m getting more confident in my voice as an artist the more I practice. Look at that perky ChiChi (DB), MY version. Also, how distinctively different she is… Yup, I’m getting there… not quite there, but close! 😉

Thank Goku It’s Friday, ammirite?


One More Challenge


I’m doing another 30-something challenge, this time for the month of March; I’m creating a quick, yet fully realized line-art drawing for each day of the month. I’m using my muse ChiChi, from Dragon Ball because I feel it will be more enjoyable this way. I’m hoping to learn how to improve my speed while drawing and I also think it’s great practice for coming up with a concept while on a time-crunch. I feel as though I’ve already learned a lot in just 4 days, I can’t wait to see the end results.

I won’t be posting these on my Instagram, I think it’s best if I make an Instagram specific to post my art because I’m getting a lot of random weirdos sending me messages on my personal account. Eek!

In the meantime, I will post these on here (in batches of 4) and also on my Dragon Ball fandom pages. Because, what kind of fangirl would I be if I didn’t share this with fellow Dragon Ball lovers?

Happy Sunday!