Mental Health Awareness Doodles


Continuing with May, mental health awareness month doodles.

If you’re feeling down, try not to isolate yourself. Generally when we’re feeling gray, the brain will make it seem as though things are worse than they really are and if those thoughts go unchallenged they can start to seem real. It’s best to not be alone for this reason, there’s no one to challenge the negative thoughts, to distract you. Try to spend time with loving, compassionate friends, family, or even a pet can be helpful. Don’t worry about being a burden on them, generally people who care for you don’t mind. In fact, they want to help. If you haven’t found friends or family who can be there for you, keep looking there are good people out there. They will make themselves available, they’re easy to spot.

It doesn’t have to be serious business either, you can just ask your friend to hang out, catch a movie, grab a bite, go for a walk or hike, etc.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with being alone and enjoying your own company. As an introvert, the time I spend on my own is literally the best. The difference is in how you’re feeling, if you’re feeling peaceful and balanced then there’s no harm in being by yourself.

Can’t wait to share more tips with you guys. This is something near and dear to my heart.

Until next time,



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