Mental Health Awareness Month


May is mental health awareness month, as someone who has suffered from depression I have a thing or two to say about surviving from it.

The first and most important step is to love yourself. Fiercely, unconditionally love yourself as you are, flaws and everything. All of it, leave nothing out. Accept yourself as you are and it doesn’t matter if others love you or not; Just because others don’t love you doesn’t mean you aren’t worthy of love. Repeat after me, “I deserve to feel loved” (eventually it sinks in, I promise). Anyone who disagrees or tries to make you feel otherwise can exit themselves from your life, believe me you don’t need this kind of people in your life.

The second step is resilience. Bounce back from anything, no matter what you’ve been through, what they’ve done to you, the things you’ve suffered and are currently suffering and fighting against … bounce back, always bounce back . Like some annoying plastic bouncy ball, never stay down. Never let anyone or anything keep you down and make you feel beaten. Be like that super annoying song from the 90s,”I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down”.

Ill continue with more steps throughout this mental health awareness month.

Your gal pal,




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