Hand Drawn Fan Art

As I mentioned, my drawing tablet has gone to a better life and I’ve been drawing everything by hand. This includes my fan art, which is a real challenge for me because my style as an illustrator ignored everything about anatomy, proportions and lighting etc. I like my personal style flat and of “charming” proportions; Fan Art however, is pushing me to become better at everything I’ve been ignoring for the past 20 years. Fun! No, seriously, this is actually really challenging and fun and I can’t wait to draw up some more!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

P. Val


One thought on “Hand Drawn Fan Art

  1. I am not familiar with the character/s. But, I like the image of the woman with her back turned and hat tilted.

    When you say you’ve been ignoring some skill set for 20 years, I am thinking you are middle-aged or older. But, you’re fresh out of college? So, you ignored something since you started drawing or birth?

    I started around the age of 5 and have been making very slow progress in learning more about proportion, shadows, etc. Since 2001, I’ve been dabbling in digital art and neglecting my hand-drawn practice, which isn’t all good or all bad. But, my heart is in drawing by hand on paper, not a lit screen. Computers just make it quicker and easier to color, shade and layer. Now, if only I had the proper Photoshop-ish software to layer images like comic book artists do.

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