Style Meme


For fun, I did the Style Meme on Tumblr. It’s a simple exercise were you pick famous illustration styles, as well as your own and you draw the same character in all the different ways to compare. On an interesting note, even though I was trying to emulate all these styles they still look like my own. You can still see my hand in all these, and that’s pretty cool, I think. We all have our own creative voice and I’m getting more confident in my voice as an artist the more I practice. Look at that perky ChiChi (DB), MY version. Also, how distinctively different she is… Yup, I’m getting there… not quite there, but close! 😉

Thank Goku It’s Friday, ammirite?



One thought on “Style Meme

  1. So, you drew yourself in all of these different styles? And, because certain artists don’t seem to draw characters with lighter hair, you made certain faces with black hair?

    I like your original and Ghibli best. The Disney verges on retro Barbie.

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