Happy Birthday, Chichi!


So apparently it was Chichi’s birthday this week, I’m guessing it was probably the first time she appeared in the manga.

I’m not sure how it was determined… it doesn’t matter, I was just looking for an excuse to draw my favorite character.

I’ve been itching to draw realistic versions of these two for a while now, although I’m not super happy with the outcome I plan on doing as many drawings as it takes for me to get it right. This is something so dear to my heart that I have no problem drawing until my chubby little fingers are flat.

I’ll get you next time Goku-sa…

Are you guys enjoying my fangirl moment? Because I’m definitely enjoying myself haha now I know how guys feel about their Star Trek or Sports…

That reminds me I need a cute db shirt.

P.Val, (I changed my signature! Whaaaaat? I guess something’s do change ;))


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