Oh hi, Tucson!


This is the 4th pattern on my 30 patterns challenge on Instagram. This is my beloved Tucson, Arizona. Ok, so I’m a little obsessed with the home-base at the moment, but if you’re ever been to Tucson you’d understand. It’s the cutest city, and I’ve been to many cities in my life and Tucson is my favorite. Go ahead, google this baby “Tucson Arizona”, go ahead, I’ll wait… Gorgeous isn’t it? And the people here are awesome, we are a friendly bunch. Are you sold on Tucson yet? Should I keep going? Ok, I’ll stop.

I was asked for the price of this print on my Instagram, and I actually was thinking of opening up an online shop. I’m going to be setting it up in the next couple of weeks, just need to work out some kinks here and there and it’ll be ready to go. I’m really excited about it, I can’t wait to mail my artwork and send thank you notes to anyone who wants to buy my art. I’m really, really stoked! Stay tuned.

As always, have a wonderful weekend everybody.

*mic drop*

… This doesn’t call for a mic drop, I just always wanted to do that.

Perla V.


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