Arizona, I love you.



It’s true. I am truly, madly in love with my home state. Every time I walk out the door I see the gorgeous scenery of the desert life: coyotes and rabbits running around in our backyards, the cacti towering over our walls, patches of unique desert flowers and a creamy, smooth, bright yellow sunset framed by our mountains, each and every day. I feel so lucky to live here, I can’t help but be inspired. This drawing is a visual poem to my beloved Arizona.

I wish all my American readers a wonderful 4th of July weekend, have lots of fun and be safe!

And to all my readers outside of America, thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you have a great rest of your weekend.

Perla V.

Ps (It may seem as though I’m not super active on my blog lately, but I promise I’m working on some cool things behind the scenes and am spending many sleepless nights preparing for the future. Stay tuned!)


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