Patch & Clark Internship




Two-Page Spread

As of August I’ve had the AMAZING opportunity to be an intern at Patch & Clark Design, here in Tucson Arizona.

I’ve had such a blast working for Darren Clark, I absolutely love my job. I finally understand people who say they LOVE their job and they can’t get enough of it. Well, now I’m one of those lucky folks.

These are some of the graphic design pieces I’ve done for them, for Tucson Modernism Week. This is the first time my work has ever been printed! I can’t wait to share more of the fun stuff I’m working on.

Oh and hey, If you’re in Tucson you should DEFINITELY stop by for Tucson Modernism Week Expo. I guarantee you there’s a ton of cool things lined up for the event!

Signing off from Cloud 9,

Perla V.


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