The Gestalt. [Goodbye Summer 2012 Revisited]

Phew! That was a very long title.

I’ve thought a lot about the “gestalt” of my pieces. Mostly because one of my teachers keeps hammering me on and on about it. (That’s right David Christiana, this is you. In case you are reading this blog from an alternative universe where teachers read their students blogs. I ride to school in a unicorn in said universe). Anyway, so from what I understand so far is that the gestalt is THE most important aspect of any piece. The gestalt is the overall feel of the piece, a sum of everything that is going on in it and what we perceive from its entirety. In other words “the big picture”. This is something very important to master it needs fine tuning like a musical instrument. Too much of something can throw us all off, too little can also have a regrettable outcome. This is something that I specifically struggle with because most of the time I just want to make something visually pleasing, art for the sake of art. And believe it or not it is very hard to make beautiful things that are just that: beautiful. “L’art pour l’art” as the french call it, hangs from the very thread of its existence. Making beautiful things just for the sake of beauty is challenging, you have to really  consider many other things than just making pretty things here and there. The whole composition needs to make sense. There is a need for balance, a sense of depth and a sense of purpose. It needs to visually communicate what the author is trying to convey. Keeping all these things in mind I revisited the poster illustration I recently posted. I wasn’t happy with it. I could not figure out why. Nevertheless, I tried to satisfy this idea of “gestalt” and this is what I came up with:

It’s all about prioritizing when it comes to this “gestalt”. Hope I inspired some of you out there, or maybe you learned something you didn’t know before? Maybe?
Hopefully, that would be fantastic. You owe me $100 bucks.
Just kidding.

Happy Weekend!


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