Adios Vacation! Hello Senior year….

Welp the summer is gone. I go back to school in one week, which can only mean one thing: power-through pending art projects/ mini dance party time! Hell yes! But this isn’t going to be like any other school year, this will be MY LAST! Ladies and gentlemen next week I begin my senior year of college, I cannot express the happiness this brings to me. It took me (almost) twice the years it takes regular people to graduate from college (4 years), this is due to the fact that I went to college and got a 2 year associates degree in Digital Arts and also completed the 2 years it takes to transfer to a 4 year University. The system is flawed my friends, there are waaay too many “pre-required” courses to earn a degree in the field of the arts. I took plenty of courses which in retrospect may seem “useless”, like college math, anthropology, french 1 & 2, marine biology, english, astronomy and psychology. Those classes are the equivalent of one whole year of full-time school. One entire year dedicated to something I had no intrest in learning (actually 2 years). Was it all a big waste of time? Do I feel cheated by the system for forcing me to take classes I clearly wasn’t going to need as a graphic designer? Well it depends on who you ask, but this is my blog so you must definitely be asking me and the answer is no. HELL NO. I loved every single minute of it, every assignment, every good or bad teacher, classmate, project, etc. All of it, I loved all of it and wouldn’t change a thing. I learned so much from each of those classes, I met some wonderful, incredible people. I also made great friends along the way. All of it, it was all worth it. The best experience of my life. It made me who I am, it shaped my beliefs and values as a person. It made me appreciate and value the things I have physically and mentally, it opened my eyes to the world. I was in a very ethnocentric state of mind before college. I thought about me, myself and I. I am different now, I am aware that I’m not the only mind occupying this planet, or even at this particular time, geographically and historically speaking. I learned that I’m not “special”, however I am unique. My DNA may be 99.9% the same as someone else’s but my life, my experiences, my language, my knowledge, that is what makes me unique. It’s funny how expanding your knowledge about anything other than you, will better help you realize and appreciate who you are and that makes me feel pretty freaking awesome. So, to me that is what my college years will boil down to in the future: a time where I learned about everything else in the world, except for what I really wanted to learn which was to draw like a badass (don’t worry I learned to draw a little bit…) and It was all worth it. $20,000+ worth of knowledge in this little lady who is ready for the “real world”, and you can bank on it! ; )



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