I fixed my drawing tablet!



AAAHHH!!! I’m so happy! Finally some good news in my life!

Seriously. SO happy! ^^



Mental Health Awareness Doodles


Continuing with May, mental health awareness month doodles.

If you’re feeling down, try not to isolate yourself. Generally when we’re feeling gray, the brain will make it seem as though things are worse than they really are and if those thoughts go unchallenged they can start to seem real. It’s best to not be alone for this reason, there’s no one to challenge the negative thoughts, to distract you. Try to spend time with loving, compassionate friends, family, or even a pet can be helpful. Don’t worry about being a burden on them, generally people who care for you don’t mind. In fact, they want to help. If you haven’t found friends or family who can be there for you, keep looking there are good people out there. They will make themselves available, they’re easy to spot.

It doesn’t have to be serious business either, you can just ask your friend to hang out, catch a movie, grab a bite, go for a walk or hike, etc.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with being alone and enjoying your own company. As an introvert, the time I spend on my own is literally the best. The difference is in how you’re feeling, if you’re feeling peaceful and balanced then there’s no harm in being by yourself.

Can’t wait to share more tips with you guys. This is something near and dear to my heart.

Until next time,


Mental Health Awareness Month


May is mental health awareness month, as someone who has suffered from depression I have a thing or two to say about surviving from it.

The first and most important step is to love yourself. Fiercely, unconditionally love yourself as you are, flaws and everything. All of it, leave nothing out. Accept yourself as you are and it doesn’t matter if others love you or not; Just because others don’t love you doesn’t mean you aren’t worthy of love. Repeat after me, “I deserve to feel loved” (eventually it sinks in, I promise). Anyone who disagrees or tries to make you feel otherwise can exit themselves from your life, believe me you don’t need this kind of people in your life.

The second step is resilience. Bounce back from anything, no matter what you’ve been through, what they’ve done to you, the things you’ve suffered and are currently suffering and fighting against … bounce back, always bounce back . Like some annoying plastic bouncy ball, never stay down. Never let anyone or anything keep you down and make you feel beaten. Be like that super annoying song from the 90s,”I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down”.

Ill continue with more steps throughout this mental health awareness month.

Your gal pal,




Yall (NOT) ready for this?


Not ready, guys. But it’s now or never. 

P. Val

Ps (I don’t even have 1 cat, I’m failing at being a catlady)


Happy Easter!

Some deedly-doodles I did for my fandom pages. Goku & ChiChi being cute. The first doodle is of Goku stalking ChiChi, cause that’s just what guys do. The second is a cute, simple little animation; I discovered how to make gifs so beware I’m going to go gif-making crazy.

Hope you all had a great, wholesome Easter with your loved ones. As for me, I ate more jellybeans that I care to admit.

Happy rest of your week, everyone!



Happy Birthday Akira Toriyama!


Happy Birthday Toriyama-Sama!

You’ve been a great role model, and have influenced the lives of many by your creations! Without you there would be no Goku, and who wants to live in a world without Goku? NOT me!

I send you my love, you big goofball!




Hand Drawn Fan Art

As I mentioned, my drawing tablet has gone to a better life and I’ve been drawing everything by hand. This includes my fan art, which is a real challenge for me because my style as an illustrator ignored everything about anatomy, proportions and lighting etc. I like my personal style flat and of “charming” proportions; Fan Art however, is pushing me to become better at everything I’ve been ignoring for the past 20 years. Fun! No, seriously, this is actually really challenging and fun and I can’t wait to draw up some more!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

P. Val




I missed doing patterns I thought I’d make one of my favorite fruit, strawberries! Yum yum!

I wish I had a summer dress with this pattern! Perhaps it’s time to put my patterns to good use and make stuff with then. Any ideas on how to go about doing that?

Hope you’re all enjoying this lovely Friday, everyone 🙂




It’s a hard knock life for us artists…


Sometimes it really sucks being an artist. People have been reposting my art on social media without giving me proper credit. I can’t tell you how much this hurts and breaks my heart, guys.

I don’t mind people posting my art, especially because you’re not making money off of it, but please, please, please let me know. Give proper credit where it’s due, always give the artists name and a link to their artist page. 

I can’t tell you how much it sucks to post my art and get 20 likes at most, then see these pages post my art and get thousands of likes and comments on something I worked my ass off to make. It really fucking breaks my heart. Don’t do this to any artist you appreciate. It makes us want to quit making art.